As technology keeps advancing, the need for data analysts will keep increasing. This career role is one of the most valuable careers in the IT world. because of its value, many want to build a career in data analysis and become successful. I know you too will like to build a career in data analysis. This guide will show all you need to build a sacksful career in data analysis.

What is data analysis?

Data analysis is an aspect of data science that deals with the cleaning, transforming, and modelling of data to extract valuable useful information for business decision-making. The purpose of Data Analysis is to extract information from data and design models for business decisions.

Who is a data analyst?

A data analyst is anyone who extract information from data, process it and design models that will be used for several business decisions. A data analyst processes data like a company’s performance, products and customers. The information provided by data analysts helps the companies make decisions like the kind of product customers need, the marketing strategy to use, and improvements to be made on the products.

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What do data analysts do?

There is a broad career prospect for a data analyst. You can find them in many career areas. This is because a lot of businesses are demanding their service more. Some of the job titles that require data analysis skills include;

Business Intelligence Analyst

Data analyst

Data scientist

Data Engineer

Quantitative analyst

Data analytic consultant

Operations Analyst

Marketing analyst

Project manager and more.


There are steps you need to take to have a successful career in data analysis. These steps are;

  • Enrol for data analysis course

This is the most important thing you need to know to build a career in data analysis. You need to enrol for a data analysis course to learn the mathematical, statistics and other basic theories in data analysis.

You can also look for online courses to get trained in data analysis. Some websites like udemy, youtube, Coursera,, and many more offer courses and useful resources to help your progress.

Acquire data analysis skill

Though you may be trained in data analysis, you will need some skills to become a successful data analyst. You need to take a special course on each of the skills. You can also search online for resources that will help you develop those skills. The skills you need as a data analyst are written below.

  • Get started with an entry job

Once you are fully trained in data analyst, you can start applying for a data analyst job. You can start first by applying for entry jobs in tech companies. You can make use of good job sites like, and to apply for a job.

  • Improve on your skill

Once you have successfully gotten a job, try and improve on your data science skill. Technology is dynamic, it changes all time. The same thing applies to data analysis; new trends and techniques are released from time to time. If you did not learn the new techniques, you might be considered outdated in the data science world.


There are some essential skills you must have to be a skilled data analyst. The skills include

Programming skills

This is one of the most important skills you need to have as a data analyst. As a data analyst, you should very skilled in at least one programming language. However, the more languages you are good at the better for your career. The programming languages you can use for data analysis include R, Python, C++, Java, MATLAB, PHP, and many more.

Data collection and Manipulation skill

As a data analyst, you should be able to use languages like R, HIVE, SQL, and more to building queries to extract the desired data needed for data analysis. After analyzing the data, you should be able to create reports using standard tools like SAS, Oracle Visual Analyzer, Microsoft Power BI, Cognos, Tableau, and more.

Microsoft Excel

Data analysis involves the collection and organization of data; it also involves some calculation. You will need to know how to use excel to organize data and do calculations. You can get online sources online to know how you can use excel effectively.

Communication Skills

A data analyst job needs to have good communication skills since he will be providing information to decision-makers. Hence, you need a deep understanding of the data and how you will communicate them to the decision-makers. Excellent communication skills are very important when communicating with clients and company stakeholders.

Mathematics and statistics

Data analysis involves a lot of statistics and mathematics. To be a data analyst, you need to know statistics and have a good grasp of mathematics. This will help you when you are solving business problems that need formulae. In addition to this, you should be comfortable in using tables, charts graphs and more.


Building a career in data analysis requires hard work and dedication. You may face a lot of challenges as you climb the success ladder. However, if you follow the tips in this article diligently, you will surely build a successful career in data analysis.

Thanks for reading.

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