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Digital technology has transformed nearly every aspect of modern life. Travel, work, shopping, entertainment, and communications are just some of the areas that have been revolutionized in recent decades.

It’s now rare to find an electronic device or piece of machinery that doesn’t incorporate digital technology in some way. Digital technology means that devices can be more compact, faster, lighter, and more versatile.

Huge amounts of information can be stored locally or remotely and moved around virtually instantaneously. Even the term “information” has expanded to include media such as photos, audio, and video, and no longer refers to just words and numbers. To benefit from the opportunities in the digital age, you need to have digital skills. BUT THE QUESTION IS DO YOU?

Skills students must-have in the digital age.We live in a digital age, where technology is intrinsic to our daily lives. The rise of educational technology alongside the everyday means that students today learn in a far different manner to the ways that their parents and teachers were taught.Where once children learnt via encyclopedias and atlases, it is now the norm for them to turn to online sources for their information. The internet, in fact, has become the go-to source of almost all educational information.In addition to this, students use the internet to socialise, connect with peers, share their opinions, express themselves, and communicate. Unfortunately, the flexibility of the internet combined with its mass appeal also means that from time to time it is used in a disruptive way. Hacking, trolling, cyberstalking and cyberbullying are just some of the negative outcomes of internet abuse. While many schools have been successful in integrating internet technology within the curriculum, few focus on training students on how to use it effectively.It is therefore imperative that students are taught digital etiquette along with digital literacy – not just to protect them from harmful activities, but also to prevent them from abusing the technology themselves.Digital literacy (also called as digital citizenship) etiquette involves teaching students to use technology – especially the internet – correctly, effectively and safely. Here are the top five digital skills every student should be taught to make sure they are using the internet safely and responsibly.

Top Digital Skills Tech Companies are Looking for Today.Tech companies, and indeed all organizations in the digital economy, are coming to realize that digital skills are vital for employees in the digital era. It is more important than ever that new employees are cross-disciplined and have both hard and soft skills. Whatever the specific job you are interviewing for, recruiters will be looking out for a wider skill set and broader experience in their new hires.This list covers top digital skills employers are looking for today and in the coming years.1. Programming, Web and App Development2. Digital Business Analysis3. Digital Design and Data Visualization4. Digital Project Management5. Digital MarketingTo promote their products and services tech companies will look to digital marketing. Understanding of how to get the most value for money out of the broadest range of networks will be key here.6. Data Science and Data Analytics7. Blockchain and cryptocurrency knowledge